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Why cotton is preferred over other fabrics for kids?

We live in an era where social media plays a primitive role in decision making of consumers. There is no doubt that social media has made life easier as it has given us access to wide range of market at the click of our fingers, however, apart from looking for new and trending products, we should also be an informed and responsible customer. People reading this blog would be wondering why am I talking about social media in this article? The sole reason is that first and foremost I wanted my readers to understand that social media sometimes clouds our decisions; so, they should keep an open mind while reading this article and then make an informed decision for their children.

Cotton is a fabric that is known to us from centuries. A couple who has recently entered the phase of parenthood always seeks suggestions of near and dear ones as to which fabrics are best for kids. Different people would have different suggestions, however, a large percentage of them would suggest to opt for cotton as a fabric for kids. But how can that assure a parent that they should choose cotton? It’s not a vote where whoever gets majority wins, right? Thus, 100% confirmation would only be attained after knowing the benefits of cotton fabric because that would help in answering the questions arising in a parent’s mind regarding the fabric to use for kids.

Let’s take this step by step. Instead of jumping directly to the benefits, let’s first list down the general requirement of parents while deciding the fabric for their children. The list can be endless but below are the general characteristics they look for –

  1. Kids have sensitive skin so the most important requirement is that it should be soft
  2. It should not cause allergy
  3. It should be comfortable
  4. It should be breathable
  5. It should be durable and should have the ability to last multiple washing
  6. It also should have the ability of absorb moisture

I am sure there are other factors as well but by and large these are the major criteria and it would be surprising to know that cotton fulfils all the above criteria along with few additional benefits i.e. –

  1. It is easy to wash
  2. It is highly chemical resistant
  3. It has cooling properties so it prevents the body from overheating
  4. It is odor free

Yes, it is unbelievable right? I was also surprised when I was researching about it. Nevertheless, when I found the same conclusion in everywhere, then it made my stance absolutely clear that cotton is the way to go, in fact not only for children but also for adults.

Now the decision lies in the hands of parents. I end this article with a very important question for all the parents out there –

“What sort of parent do we want to be – one who sways along with the ongoing trend and has a herd mentality or one who analyses properly and then makes a decision?”. The choice always lies with us.

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  1. I need to to thank you for this good read!! I certainly loved every bit of it. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you postÖ

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